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Piggy Piggy!!

General: The warthog is part of the pig family and lives in the African savannahs. They are recognised by the tusks (canine teeth), used for digging and defence. They are omnivores and adapt to all diets. Most common predators are lions, leopards, crocodiles and hyenas. Warthog are a social species; females live in groups with their youngsters, but males leave the group once reached the adult age. Unfortunately warthogs are poached for their tusks, used in the ivory trade. The lifespan in the wild is of about 15 years, with the chance of doubling that in captivity.

Interesting Facts: Males are bigger in size than females, and can reach the 150 kg!! Just like elephants their tusks never stop growing. The upper pair of tusks can grow up to 25 cm. Warthogs have very poor vision, but they use their sense of smell and earing to alarm predators and danger.

     baby warthog at DAKTARI  volunteer feeding orphaned baby warthog  child feeding baby warthog

Personal Story: Piggy-Piggy arrived at DAKTARI with her two sisters on the 15th of November 2014, when she was just 2 weeks old and weighted 600 gr. The trio was found roaming alone in a private reserve for few days, so the people concerned for them decided to take them and give them food, as the mother was probably not around anymore. We took great care of them, but unfortunately two of them were weaker and didn’t make it. Piggy-Piggy had showed a cheeky and sweet character since she arrived, and she brings joy to all the staff at DAKTARI. She loves being around volunteers and staff, and she comes when called, which made us decide to keep calling her Piggy-Piggy. She is almost two months old now, and we are looking forward to release her when she will be strong enough to survive by herself.

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