Wednesday, 06 May 2015 06:18

Genet Release!

We released a Large spotted Genet at Leopard Rock!

It is always a mix of emotions when an animal is released back into the wild. Although not always a good thing, an emotional link is made with every animal that comes through DAKTARI, so seeing it go brings a tinge of sadness. On the other hand, returning it into its natural habitat is something which brings joy as it is going back where it was always meant to be! 



This large spotted genet came from Moholoholo Rehab Centre about a month ago, and we are thrilled to be able to set it free again now that it has grown bigger and strong enough to survive in the wild. As an animal sanctuary, DAKTARI's Wildlife Orphanage does not often do releases so being able to do this on our farm is something which we take pride in. Due to the nature of the animal and the stress that transporting it brings on its own, we decided to do this aside from the children to prevent any unfortunate incidents. As it is nocturnal, we sometimes forget that these are wild animals who can and will bite!  

To continue our efforts to provide our animals with the best care in order to make releases like this possible, help us by donating to our campaign here

Although short, we hope that this video shows you the speed of this beautiful animal as well as how well it camouflages! We couldn't see it once it got into the bush!

Farewell little one!

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