Tuesday, 12 May 2015 04:55

Porcupine release!

We released a new porcupine on our farm! 

Earlier this week we released an adult cape porcupine which we picked up from a nearby farmer! Another successful story which reflects in some way the impact that we are trying to make in the community. Through the education which we give the children, we hope that they will be inspired to make a difference in their communities by sharing what they have learned. It is very encouraging for our work to know that instead of choosing the easy way and killing the porcupine which was damaging his crops, we were called to take it to our farm.


It can now live in the wild and maybe even join the large group of porcupines living at the DAKTARI farm! 

To continue our efforts to provide animals with the best care in order to make releases like this possible, help us by donating to our campaign here



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