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Thursday, 19 February 2015 12:47

The Adventures of Marupi

A film by Gareth Kaatze


The Adventures of Marupi from on Vimeo.

This is the story of Marupi, a young child passionate about the beauty and the animals of South Africa. He lives close to the famous Kruger Park, but does not have the chance to experience it. From a far-away village in Limpopo, Marupi does not have access to the water, lives surrounded by rubbish and tries to find some space in the overcrowded classroom.

One day, he found the perfect place for his dream to come true. It is a bush school and a wildlife orphanage, which inspired and educated him about the environment and conservation. He learnt to take care of the animals, to protect the planet and respect others.

Marupi came back to his village, proud and grown up, with the desire to share with others what he learnt to make South Africa a better place…

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Behind the Scene

10 days of filming to meet, understand, discover the life of the local underprivileged children. In their classroom, village, surroundings, we followed Marupi and his incredible story. A little boy like no other, who loves animals and nature. He was so happy to come for a week at DAKTARI and learn more about his passion for the environment. So many precious and funny moments remain in our minds during the filming... You have to know that, with the animals, it is not always easy to control everything! :)

Gareth Kaatze, a young South African movie maker, passionate about nature and conservation projects, gives us the right tone for our cause through the video. Original, non-conventional, funny and heart-warming, this is the kind of story that DAKTARI spreads everyday and that Gareth knew how to reveal to the world through the lens of his camera. 


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