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Sunday, 03 May 2015 21:16

A new home for our Meerkats!

The new meerkat enclosure is FINISHED! 

After a lot of hard work and a long wait, the new meerkat enclosure is finished! This is amazing news not only because it will allow us to give the meerkats more space, but also because it means that we can accommodate more animals that may need it and provide the mongooses with a new, larger enclosure where we can build their family. At the moment the new enclosure is being filled up with new toys and tools to enrich the meerkats but they already seem to be quite happy to be in their new home! 

Unfortunately, our family of meerkats will not be able to be released back into the wild because of their close relationship with humans due to the fact that they were kept as pets before they came to DAKTARI. However, with their new enclosure, we hope to make the most of them as an educational tool for the children! They are so lovely! 

A very special thank you goes out to the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and to Mr and Mrs Barry Peart for funding the enclosure! The latter did so in memory of Gina Whitaker, a close friend of theirs. We appreciate their contribution to the project and we hope they are as happy with the outcome as we are!

We hope to also decorate the lower part of the enclosure to liven up the entrance into the farm! Also, Piggy the Pig really enjoys the new enclosure as she can spend time with the meerkats and live out the Lion King!! (Also eat their food...) 

We appreciate that your support makes projects like this possible! We are always thinking of new ways to accommodate our animals better as part of the Wildlife Orphanage and without your continued help, it would be nearly impossible!

If you would like to support us in this cause donate here! Just look at how happy Piggy and Madonna are in the new enclosure!   

Real life Timon & Pumba!



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