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Tuesday, 12 May 2015 00:22

Donate and we will get it matched!

We want your help!!

We are very close to finishing the funding of our project "Environmental Education for Over 300 Children"!!! All we need is $1.360!


Can YOU be part of this success?! 

On Wednesday May 13th  Global Giving is offering us a BONUS DAY... and all donations will be matched during the Entire Bonus Day!

This means that you can INCREASE your contribution just by donating on this coming Wednesday!

The Bonus Day Time in the USA is from 9AM EST to Midnight EST

Use the above links to find the time in your country.

▪ UK: Wednesday 2PM to Thursday 5AM
▪ Europe & South Africa: Wednesday 3PM to Thursday 6AM

Click HERE to make your donation.



From all of us at DAKTARI, a heartfelt thank you for your help!


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