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Saturday, 20 June 2015 19:13

A treat for the end of the week!

DAKTARI Rap - Travis Broadhurst 

Last week's end of the week certificate ceremony had a special performance by one of our volunteers! Travis wrote a special 'rap' about the week, including the names of all the children and the entire DAKTARI team! Of course the rap loses some value in writing in comparison to the live performance, but I hope that you guys enjoy it as much as we did! Check out the lyrics below! 


Went to this place, called DAKTARI.

Taught the kids wrong so I said I was sorry.

8 long weeks; the experience was mine

So I made this rap for the second time.


Came in late after Mozambeach.

Trying to adjust was such a reach.

But great kids and some great volunteers

Helped to make it abundantly clear.


That all I needed was a little excitement.

Even if I got in a fight meant

I’d be a bad example, not polite.

So I said my good mornings, and I said my goodnights.


This morning we had Lefa with the mice & rats

Wanted to show him, but he got that!

Light became a movie star.

Started at the bottom; dude she’ll go far!


She may be short, name of Evidence.

Surrounded by her friends, kind of like a fence.

Beginning of the week Chanteley was sick.

But our nurse Marilyn sure did the trick!


Never had a guy quite like Godfrey.

So nice & polite – dude it shocked me!

We’re a charity, never make a dolla

Got so many animals, including Mphala.


Oldest one in the group goes by Elefy.

Chocolate down here doesn’t compare to Nestle.

Rounds out the kids & there were 8

We truly could say that they were great.


Start with our Zulu, the coordinator Ernest

So hot in summer here; feels like a furnace.

We run together: Alex Pichard

May not speak english bit its nice to meet-char


Chris, Bri & Gabi – the american friends.

Anne’s got one week – almost the end.

Animals be important so our girl Marta

Takes care of them, like no tomorrow!


Toine & Manu work with Erica

Who’s so dependable she can getcha

Anything in the office, including the directors

Do something wrong; thank god they correct us!


Had the revolution and never liked Brits

But Samira came down & wasn’t a twit!

Hides in the office but the report that Cyrielle

Is doing will be tres bien materielle!


Our Fundraising Manager, the diligent Natalie

Could sometimes be busy but she’ll get back to me.

Love animals so much that I wrote this rap

With a cute baby bunny sitting on my lap!  


Hope you guys liked it! And thank you to Travis for the awesome performance!


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