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Friday, 25 September 2015 18:44


Measuring our Impact in the Village of the Oaks!

Only a few months to go and it will be DAKTARI’s tenth anniversary. 10 years of helping, supporting and inspiring local, underprivileged children. 10 years of taking care of injured and orphaned animals. 10 years of impact in the local communities. Over the past few weeks we worked hard on a questionnaire which will enable us to measure the  actual impact we have made and are making in the lives of the people around us. 

But let's be honest; impact is a bit of vague term that reflects a very important aspect of the work we do! 


Besides measuring impact by asking questions like ‘do you know DAKTARI?’, ‘what does DAKTARI do?’ and ‘do you consider DAKTARI important for your village?’ we would like to seize the opportunity to also educate the local communities about relevant topics such as poaching, rubbish management and tourism. No sooner said than done and this resulted in a 46 question educative questionnaire, ready to be conducted in the village. We have decided to conduct the survey at the village of The Oaks, as DAKTARI carries out a weekly Eco Club. We are already very involved with the community after having done a number of 'big cleans' and establishing a 'Home-Stay' program with two local families for our volunteers to experience life in the village. Moreover, DAKTARI is an active member of the community as we take part in the town assembly, in addition to regular meetings with the village chief and his councillors.


We have wasted no time in starting to carry out these surveys and over the past two days we have been actively working in the village, going door-to-door to speak and listen to the people of The Oaks! It is only a first step in gathering as much data as we can, but it has already been a great experience, and we have already received encouraging feedback. We will be meeting more and more members of our community in the next few weeks and we are very excited to share the outcome of the survey with you!!


Survey At the Oaks
Our Outreach Manager, Toine, carrying out a survey!


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