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Thursday, 22 October 2015 09:17

The Incredible Story of Hlomola

Mohola the Duiker at DAKTARI

At DAKTARI we pride ourselves in having a number of antelope, mainly Bushbucks and Duiker (and now two baby Nyala!), who are wild and roam around the entire property, but are tame enough to come around the camp for food every once in a while.

Over the past few months we have been able to see an incredible story develop right in our ‘front yard’. One of the female duikers, Hlomola, came to DAKTARI in early June with a very nasty injury on her hind leg, where a large portion of her skin had been ripped off. As if she knew she would get help at the camp, she came to visit us and we quickly jumped into action and cured the wound as well as we could. Over the following days and weeks, the wound slowly got better and Hlomola slowly but surely has improved her condition incredibly!

Mohola Baby at DAKTARIBut surprises did not end there! A few weeks later we discovered that this brave animal had given birth to a baby duiker right next to the DAKTARI camp! The baby is very healthy and growing every day.

We are all so blown away by the sheer strength of nature that this series of events has shown! Not only was it incredible enough that Hlomola survived her injury, but that she was able to give birth to a healthy duiker calf is something no one expected! It is the beauty of nature and of living in the bush. It is a privilege to be able to work around this every day, and your generosity in your donations makes it possible for the project to continue taking care of the animals. This fortunately allows us to take care of those that we have at our animal sanctuary within the camp as well as those who live on the DAKTARI farm and come to visit us every day!

Progress of the Injury
The progress of Hlomola's injury from the day she first came in to now.

Now, nearly four months after her awful injury took place, Hlomola has nearly fully recovered. The care and affection that the DAKTARI volunteers have given her has been a driving force in her recovery. She comes to the camp daily and waits patiently to be fed. Her little one is also starting to come into the camp  very early in the morning, but does not get very close to people. 

All in all, an incredible story! 

We are making an appeal for your support in helping us provide the best aid and care to all the beautiful animals that we have at DAKTARI. To continue making stories like this possible, help us by making a donation on the project linked to on the button below! To increase your impact exponentially, make a monthly donation! It is a gesture that makes a huge difference for us, but especially for the animals! 

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