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Wednesday, 08 June 2016 19:04

10 Baby Animals that will make you buy a plane ticket to South Africa

Want to volunteer at DAKTARI and see these babies up close? Take a look!

1. Our baby nyala hoping to get a yummy banana peel

Baby Nyala

2. Teeny tiny bunnies taking a quick nap

Cute baby rabbits

3. A smiling little dassie...look at that face!

Cute baby dassie or rock hyrax

4. Bandit the mongoose, stealing our hearts

Small baby mongoose named Bandit

5. Watch out for the cuteness! And the quills...

Baby porcupine

6. Marmosets are quite mischievous, but they get away with anything since they are so adorable

Mowgli the baby marmoset

7. Maxi and her baby Mini, who likes to make funny faces in photos

Maxi and mini the bushbucks

8. Tiny little squirrel with eyes bigger than her stomach

Cloe the squirrel with a giant apple

9. Baby Sunny rising in the morning - just a bit unsteady

Baby sunny the donkey

10. A bushbaby that fits around your thumb

Tiny bushbaby on a thumb

BONUS: two baby animals playing together: Baby Piggy and baby Nikita

A baby warthog playing with a rottweiler puppy
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