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Thursday, 28 September 2017 20:46

Trip to Moholoholo


Last weekend DAKTARI took ten children on a field trip to Moholoholo Rehabilitation Center. The center is home to many of South Africa's abandoned, injured and poisoned wildlife. Some of the animals they have are unable to be released into the wild so act as animal ambassadors for their species. The children had a tour of the center and were able to see many animals for the first time including lions, leopards, hyenas and even a honey badger! 


The children were so excited to see the lions there and couldn't believe the size of them. They had only ever seen them on TV before and thought they would be much smaller in real life. The children loved taking photos of the male lion and were fascinated by the strength of him. 


The highlight of the trip was learning how to hold and feed vultures! Each of the children had the chance to hold a vulture on their arm and feed it food. This was a great experience for them even though the vulture was very heavy! 


After the trip one of the students thanked DAKTARI for the trip. Magedline said "Thank you for the trip I had so much fun! Moholoholo was amazing, especially the lions!" 


Thank you Moholoholo Rehabilitation Center for treating the children to his incredible educational experience.  

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