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Tuesday, 05 December 2017 17:13

Welcome Marina

DAKTARI is lucky enough to welcome Marina, our new animal assistant! Marina is joining us from France where she previously worked as a zookeeper at Biotropica Zoo in Normandy. She is staying with us for six months and will help our Animal Manager Nodia with the care and welfare of DAKTARI's animals


Marina has dreamed of coming to Africa since she was young and always wanted to do some volunteering. She is particularly excited to work at DAKTARI because there is a lot she feels she can change and improve. Additionally, she is looking forward to learning about new cultures and what it means to live in the bush! 


She has had a busy first week which has involved de-worming the rabbits and collecting and settling in a new meerkat. 


We are very excited to have you at DAKTARI Marina and we hope you have a great time here in the coming months! 


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