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Thursday, 18 January 2018 00:26


The last few weeks have been very busy at our camp as we have started to update some of our animal enclosures. Our animal team have been working hard to improve parts of the camp. They recently finished the rabbit enclosure and did an incredible job giving them a brand new home. The improvements included: 

  • Expanding the size of the enclosure 
  • Replacing the mesh roof with tiles
  • Creating a place to store hay 
  • Building a house for them to shelter in
  • Replacing the fencing and adding another door 

They are now working on the dassie enclosure! Although it is still a work in progress, the improvements will include: 

  • New mesh on the front of the enclosure 
  • Stones surrounding the enclosure 
  • A place to store hay 
  • Integrating more natural aspects such as wood, water and hay 

Once the dassie enclosure is complete there are plans to renovate the meerkat, mongoose and caracal enclosures. We hope to report many more improvements in the coming months! 

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