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Saturday, 10 February 2018 17:41

DAKTARI’s Objectives in the Context of the Sustainable Development Goals

DAKTARI Bush School and Wildlife Orphanage aims to provide environmental and life-skills education to local children and stimulate community development. The below text outlines how our project aims further the sustainable development agenda. 


 1. No Poverty:
  • Improved education
  • Creating employment opportunities in the nearby area
  • Helping local youths find jobs
  • Promoting entrepreneurship
  • Access to technology 
 8. Decent Work and Economic   Growth: 
  • Teaching local youths the skills they need to find a job
  • Assist with work experience and training
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship 
 3. Good Health and Well-Being:
  • Education about HIV/AIDS and pregnancy 
  • The importance of clean water
  • Encouraging tree planting to improve air quality
  • Teaching respect to encourage healthy relationships
 11. Sustainable Cities and   Communities: 
  • Provide environmental education opportunities to local high-schools
  • Assisting in community improvement projects such as planting trees
  • Organizing clean-up days in the local community 
 4. Quality Education: 
  • Providing one-on-one teaching
  • Small class sizes
  • Learning to formulate your own opinion 
  • Reinforcing and building on existing education
  • Developing self-confidence
 12. Responsible Consumption and   Production: 
  • Teaching about water conservation
  • Adopting the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle 
  • Encouraging tree planting
  • Awareness of issues surrounding plastics
 5. Gender Equality: 
  • Learn about social issues such as respect 
  • Teach to respect all people regardless of their background
  • Program is accessible to all without discrimination 
 13. Climate Action: 
  • Learning about climate change and the social and environmental challenges
  • Encouraging individual action to prevent climate change
 6. Clean Water and Sanitation: 
  • Learn how to use a flushing toilet 
  • Importance of basic hygiene
  • Conduct water testing experiment to see if the water can sustain life 
 15. Life on Land: 
  • Teaching the economic importance of conserving the environment including plants, animals and water
  • Explaining the eco-tourism industry
 7. Affordable and Clean Energy: 
  • DAKTARI is run on solar power and we do our best to conserve energy
  • In the evening we use minimal lighting and turn off large appliances that use a lot of energy
 17. Partnerships for the Goals: 
  • Attending meetings with like-minded organizations so ideas can be shared and sustainable methods promoted


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