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Tuesday, 04 June 2019 07:54

We're on Airbnb!

You can now find us on Airbnb!


We're super excited to announce that you can now join us for a day of fun through Airbnb's Social Impact Experiences. Airbnb came up with these Social Impact Experience to support NGO's that make an impact. For normal experiences (and accomodation) Airbnb keeps a portion of the payment as a fee. But in this case, 100% goes to us. This money will be used for everything from food for the animals to the salary of our staff to even the general upkeep of the camp.


During your 7 hours here you can expect to work a lot with the animals. You'll help with cleaning and feeding where needed and we can even make enrichment for our enclosures. You'll get the chance to make a difference in the lives of the South African wildlife in our care. With this Social Impact Experience we really want to focus on the animals at our orphanage so you won't really be interacting with the children.


Click here if you want to check out our full page on Airbnb and book now!

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