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DAKTARI Newsletter April and May 2016

Newsletter DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage


The past two months have been very busy! Animal releases, new staff, community work, and work placements - our team has been very busy! From now on, we'll be updating you once per month to keep up with all of the news from DAKTARI.

Want more details about what DAKTARI has been up to? Read the newsletter below:

DAKTARI News April and May 2016

DAKTARI works hard to make sure the animals that come to us can have the best life possible. Sometimes, that means we need to keep them at the farm, but other times, we can release them back into the wild. See who was released in April!

DAKTARI newsletter January


The first newsletter of the year ! 

We had a great end to 2015, but the start to 2016 has been just as good... if not better! We have a lot of news concerning the start of the year for both the children and the animals! New additions, great experiences and a lot more to share with you, so let's get to it! 


DAKTARI news January, February and March 2016

Most of the animals we welcome at DAKTARI come either due to injury or because they were injured and will not likely survive in the wild. Out of the animals which we welcomed these past few months, Carlito the Bushbaby, two of the jackals and the three mongoose were all found alone as babies!

Newsletter DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage


The last Newsletter of 2015... and what a year it has been! 

The end of 2015 brought new animals, work in the village and a lot of educational fun for the children! From visits to the village, to the establishment of the new Eco-Club program  the local creches, planting trees as well as taking the kids on game drives and to Moholoholo, this final months of the year have been super packed with an incredible time! Thank you for being a part of it through your support and your interest in what we do! We are looking forward to 2016 and to share it with you! 


Read the last newsletter of the year below! And share it to spread the word about DAKTARI! 

What an end to 2015! - DAKTARI Newsletter
DAKTARI Newsletter


We have had a very busy winter (summer up north) and here is the Newsletter to tell you all about it! Read about the newest additions to our family as well as the expansion of our Outreach Program and the work that has come with it. From visits to the village, to the start of a new Eco-Club in more local schools, we think that we are moving in the right direction!

We are very excited to share it with you!


We changed the format slightly from what it used to be like, so please let us know what you think!


Check it out below!


It is finally here...
Friday, 24 July 2015 01:25

Newsletter April, May, June 2015!!

Fresh out the press! 

Here is our newsletter for the past three months! With stories about the children and all the things that have been happening at the camp! 

And some great stories from the progress we have made with some animals as well as the newest members of our wild family!


I hope you enjoy it as much as we do and it gives you an insight into life here! If this does not satisfy your curiosity about what DAKTARI is all about, come visit us! 

Thank you for your support and until next time!! 


A great start to 2015!

Hello one, hello all! 

We have been super busy with the steady stream of new volunteers coming down to South Africa but we did not forget about the newsletter! Check out below a condensed summary of all things that have happened at DAKTARI and the projects that we have been involved in! Hopefully you have had as great of a start to the year as we have :) 

A real roller-coaster of emotions including Shiloweni's passing and the joy of welcoming new members to our big family.

I hope you enjoy!



All the best, 


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