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Saturday, 17 September 2016 03:34

John Stanton - Volunteer in May-June 2016

My summer at DAKTARI primarily consisted of teaching local children and working with orphaned African wildlife. Working with local children proved to be the largest interaction while working at DAKTARI as students would come for five days a week and we would work with them from 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. each day. We would teach the students different subjects related to the environment and eco-tourism with some lessons touching on making South Africa a better place, safe sex, respect, and substance abuse.


The schedule for working with the children was very similar to that of an educational summer camp, and also involved the children and volunteers with the care taking of  animals kept within enclosures around DAKTARI's camp. Taking care of the animals consisted of cleaning their enclosures and feeding and watering them every day. 


John with the kids

At times, volunteers created projects to enhance the animal enclosures and would work on those projects when students were not at DAKTARI. 


There were also opportunities for volunteers to go on excursions during the weekends, where every Saturday volunteers could go into town or go on other excursions such as hot air balloon tours, trips to Kruger National Park and to different wildlife centers around Hoedspruit.


I had a wonderful time and would recommend looking into DAKTARI as a possible volunteering opportunity. Be prepared to work, as it can be a demanding and tiring job at times. While I worked at DAKTARI some issues arose between volunteers and managerial staff where views did not align at times, and jokes could be off-color, but the long term volunteers were great to discuss these issues with. DAKTARI gave me a wonderful, life changing experience and really opened my eyes to the world outside of the United States. I could have never predicted what the experience was like and the African bush was truly breath-taking.


I greatly enjoyed working with the local children, they were very fun to teach and to play games around the camp with. I enjoyed working with all of the other volunteers and I am so glad that I met all of the long term volunteers, all of which are wonderful people and great company around a dinner table. I hope DAKTARI continues to touch the lives of the locals and to make a difference in how the environment is perceived in Africa.  



Black Mambas and Bushbabies at DAKTARI

It's not what you might be thinking...

Thankfully, the Black Mambas that visited DAKTARI last week are not snakes, but anti-poachers and the "Bushbabies" are kids in their conservation education program.

The Black Mambas are a group of anti-poachers that have been trained in Hoedspruit. All of them come from a disadvantaged community. Since 2013, they have destroyed more than 10 poacher camps and 3 bushmeat kitchens. Snaring and poisoning has been reduced by 76% in the areas they patrol. Amazing work! The Bushbaby program is fairly similar to DAKTARI's program. It works well with the existing curriculum that the children receive at school and it provides extra teaching in environmental topics. As an added bonus, it's always a lot of fun for the kids who get to go on field trips and interact with animals!

It was great being able to welcome both groups for a tour of DAKTARI and answer their great questions about our wildlife orphanage. We hope to have another inspiring group come to visit us again soon!

Thursday, 23 June 2016 01:26

THANK YOU for an amazing Bonus Day!

Bonus Day Thank you banner

DAKTARI is so thankful for all of the support we received during the June 15, 2016 Bonus Day on GlobalGiving UK. We received more than £15,000 in donations, matching, and prizes thanks to our amazing donors!

We were so thrilled to also be awarded the top prize for the most funds raised on that day on GlobalGiving UK and for having the most donors on that day as well – prizes totaling £1,300.

These funds will be used towards DAKTARI’s teaching program. The children coming to stay with us will have delicious meals, new school supplies, and warm beds to fall into after an exciting day at DAKTARI.

DAKTARI would not be here without your continued support throughout the past 10 years. THANK YOU!

Want to volunteer at DAKTARI and see these babies up close? Take a look!

1. Our baby nyala hoping to get a yummy banana peel

Baby Nyala

2. Teeny tiny bunnies taking a quick nap

Cute baby rabbits
Friday, 03 June 2016 12:42

DAKTARI Newsletter April and May 2016

Newsletter DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage


The past two months have been very busy! Animal releases, new staff, community work, and work placements - our team has been very busy! From now on, we'll be updating you once per month to keep up with all of the news from DAKTARI.

Want more details about what DAKTARI has been up to? Read the newsletter below:

DAKTARI News April and May 2016

DAKTARI works hard to make sure the animals that come to us can have the best life possible. Sometimes, that means we need to keep them at the farm, but other times, we can release them back into the wild. See who was released in April!

DAKTARI newsletter January


The first newsletter of the year ! 

We had a great end to 2015, but the start to 2016 has been just as good... if not better! We have a lot of news concerning the start of the year for both the children and the animals! New additions, great experiences and a lot more to share with you, so let's get to it! 


DAKTARI news January, February and March 2016

Most of the animals we welcome at DAKTARI come either due to injury or because they were injured and will not likely survive in the wild. Out of the animals which we welcomed these past few months, Carlito the Bushbaby, two of the jackals and the three mongoose were all found alone as babies!

I had just retired and decided to travel to South Africa to begin my new life of "giving back." When my husband and I (both in our early sixties) arrived at Daktari our first activity was after dinner -- the baby dassies needed their evening bottles. I fed the furry little creature, then she crawled onto my neck and went to sleep. Believe me -- it was more relaxing than any spa treatment I have ever experienced. So began our wonderful 2 week adventure at Daktari. We feed and cuddled the dassies every morning and evening, met the cheetah, held brand new baby mice, petted the jackal and laughed with Eeyore the donkey. We also worked hard stabling and feeding the animals. That was the animal orphanage part of Daktari. The Bush School part was just as rewarding. Who knew my husband could command such attention in the classroom - the kids really listened to him. We had the opportunity to talk about politeness, respect, the environment and the economic and humanitarian importance of protecting the animals in South Africa. I loved every minute. Everything was wonderful -- from my first email inquiry until the day we left. We plan to go back. Animals and kids in the African bush. What could be better than that?
Wednesday, 10 February 2016 05:15

We welcome Patience!

Patience at DAKTARI Bush School and Wildlife Orphanage


Say hello to the new member of our Office Team!


In January we welcomed Patience to DAKTARI! She was one of the local alumni who went through our alternative teaching program for post-matric students. We are very happy to have her with us and look forward to all the great things which she will do with us! Below you can read a little bit more about her... from her! 


"Hello All!


My name is Patience Ananda Moripa and I'm twenty years old. I currently work as an Environmental Monitor (EM) at DAKTARI.


I first came here as a student with other young adults who were invited to DAKTARI because we had finished high school and passed Matric, and were going to follow a career guidance program (alternative teaching program). At DAKTARI we were told that there was a position as Environmental Monitor (EM) open, and that we should write a convincing letter of motivation to apply for the job. With luck, I was the one who was chosen! As an EM I teach children with the help of the international volunteers and I also assist the Animal and Outreach Managers and the outreach manager with anything they may need. This experience has taught me to be patient and confident in myself and to able to work with people from all over the world.


This is an great opportunity to gain experience as I wish to build my future and study become and business woman in the future.

So far it has been such a great experience and I love being able to share it with all the volunteers who come from around the world.


Maybe see you soon!



Newsletter DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage


The last Newsletter of 2015... and what a year it has been! 

The end of 2015 brought new animals, work in the village and a lot of educational fun for the children! From visits to the village, to the establishment of the new Eco-Club program  the local creches, planting trees as well as taking the kids on game drives and to Moholoholo, this final months of the year have been super packed with an incredible time! Thank you for being a part of it through your support and your interest in what we do! We are looking forward to 2016 and to share it with you! 


Read the last newsletter of the year below! And share it to spread the word about DAKTARI! 

What an end to 2015! - DAKTARI Newsletter

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