Are you looking for a long term volunteering experience in South Africa?

Longterm volunteers

Join DAKTARI for 6-12 months and volunteer for free!

  • You’ll get three delicious meals per day prepared for you
  • You will stay in your own room (when possible) with a bathroom shared with other long-term volunteers
  • You must speak, read, and write English fluently to be considered
  • We ask that you pay a deposit of R1000 per month and you’ll receive R1000 back each month to use as spending money
  • You will have access to DAKTARI's free wifi through your work computer as well as on your personal devices
  • You will need to get a volunteer visa before you arrive in South Africa and we will provide you with an invitation letter from DAKTARI to support your application.
  • You will work Monday - Friday from 8am until 5pm (lunch is 12:30 - 14:00). Saturday and Sunday are your days off.
  • Time off is mandatory! Every two months, you take a week off in order to explore what South Africa has to offer.

Here are the four long-term volunteer positions:

Volunteer Communications & Media Manager

Volunteer Fundraising Manager

Volunteer Outreach Manager

Volunteer Animal Assistant

Volunteer Office Assistant

Volunteer communications & media manager

minimum 9 months - Applications are Currently closed until november 2019 (start in february 2020)


DAKTARI is looking for someone who is eager to tell our story to the world, someone who loves to wordsmith, and someone with an eye for graphic design. The communications & media manager is the voice of DAKTARI and we are looking for someone excited to take on the challenge of describing our work to a big and variable audience in a fun and engaging way.

Part of your role is tell everyone what is happening at DAKTARI every day. That means you have a front-row seat to all of the exciting things happening at the camp!



Your job will include:

  • Managing DAKTARI’s accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, including posting content daily
  • Writing and sending DAKTARI’s monthly newsletter and other campaign emails
  • Managing DAKTARI’s partnership with GlobalGiving, including:
      • Updating project pages when necessary
      • Completing quarterly project reports
      • Thanking donors by email
      • Strategically planning and executing fundraising campaigns
  • Creating media and marketing content for DAKTARI including brochures, merchandise, photos, and videos
  • Maintaining DAKTARI’s brand across all promotional materials and enforcing its use throughout the organisation
  • Updating and improving DAKTARI’s website


  • You must be comfortable working with Mac computers
  • You must be able to meet deadlines and manage your time well
  • You must have strong writing skills and be able to work independently 
  • Previous marketing or communications experience is strongly preferred
  • Experience with Adobe software is strongly preferred, specifically Photoshop and/or Fireworks
  • Photography experience and/or experience making videos a huge plus

If you are interested in this position, please email your resume and cover letter to Michele at 

Volunteer Corporate Fundraising Manager

minimum 9 months - APPLICATIONS are CURRENTLY Open (start in april 2020)


As a nonprofit organisation, DAKTARI is always looking for opportunities for funding, either to sustain our programs or grow them (like getting cleaning products from Ecologic!). We need someone who can assist our directors with applying for grants and reporting back on those we receive.

You will learn everything there is to know about DAKTARI and put that knowledge into proposals and reports. Fundraising is a competitive area with many challenges. You will be using DAKTARI's proposal to apply for grants from corporate organizations and foundations. You will have to use specific software to manage DAKTARI's fundraising. This will help you set goals, reminders and deadlines. 






Your job will include: 

  • Working with directors to create and update proposals for potential funders
  • Researching and identifying possible funding opportunities
  • Working with the marketing manager to create promotional materials and maintain the DAKTARI brand
  • Preparing reports for our funders on use of funds
  • Compiling data about DAKTARI’s activities
  • Assisting the directors with monitoring and evaluation data to measure DAKTARI’s impact


  • You must be comfortable with Mac computers and Microsoft Office
  • You must be confident telephoning potential donors
  • Strong communications skills, especially in writing
  • Strong research skills
  • Previous experience in fundraising is a huge plus

If you are interested in this position, please email your resume and cover letter to Michele at


Volunteer Outreach Manager

minimum 9 months - Applications Are currently closed until november 2019 (start in april 2020)


The DAKTARI Outreach Program is an integral part of our work. This program reinforces the impact we have on the children that come to DAKTARI. We also expand our impact by empowering the local community members to lift themselves out of poverty. Your job will be to maximise this impact in ways that excite the students and community members.


This position allows you to get fully immersed in the local culture and help the communities tackle poverty. You and your local Outreach Assistant will be working closely with members of the community and get to know them very well.  



Your job will include:

  • Traveling to two of the local secondary schools and teaching the weekly Eco-Club (after school lessons on conservation)
  • Creating and updating lesson plans for the Eco-Clubs – they will need to be engaging and fun for the students
  • Coordinating the Job Hunting Program with local youths who come to DAKTARI to learn the skills required to get a job
  • Following up with the youth to help them find employment 
  • Community empowerment activities, including job training workshops 
  • Looking for ways to measure and analyse your impact in the community
  • Follow up our community impact statistics and analysis 
  • Manage the workload alongside our local Outreach Assistant


  • You must hold an international driving license and be prepared to drive out to schools by yourself
  • You must have good time and staff management skills and the ability to focus on several projects at once
  • You should be confident in preparing and teaching lessons to children who are not used to paying attention or having fun in class
  • Experience teaching individuals whose native language is not English is strongly preferred
  • Having previous intercultural experiences or having experienced an underprivileged African classroom is a huge plus

If you are interested in this position, please email your resume and cover letter to Michele at



VOLUNTEER Office Assistant

minimum 9 months - APPLICATIONS ARE CURRENTLY closed until november 2019 (START in march 2020)


DAKTARI is looking for someone who’s always ready to help others out. Someone who sees work and isn’t afraid to take on new challenges.


As office assistant you’ll make sure every volunteer is tended to and that all communication runs smoothly. During more busy periods, you might be asked to help with marketing, fundraising or outreach. Our office assistant needs to be a jack of all trades, an office genie if you will.


Be prepared for real office work paired with lots of laughter and overall the time of your life! 


 Office assistant


Your job will include:

  • Assisting the Office Manager
  • Organising excursions and activities for the volunteers
  • Assisting the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Taking pictures of the children and volunteers
  • Taking stock
  • Creating gift bags and certificates for the children 
  • Reporting to our animal sponsors
  • Contacting local corporates for donations


  • You must be very good at speaking and understanding English since all of our communication is done in that language
  • You must have good time and staff management skills and the ability to focus on several projects at once
  • You are able to work on Mac computers and understand Microsoft Office
  • You work well with others and can take things into your own hands when you need to 

If you are interested in this position, please email your resume and cover letter to Michele at


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