Last week we received a beautiful letter from three children describing their experience at DAKTARI. It is always amazing receiving messages like this. Thank you Wesly, Percevierence and Gabriel for sending this to us! The text of the letter is written out below:


“To DAKTARI Owners and Volunteers,

It is a great pleasure for us to write this letter to you. We really enjoyed our week at Daktari. It was nice to us from you Daktari.


First of all we would like to thank you for the knowledge you have given us and we really appreciate it. You guys taught us to respect, love and take care of everything that exists in the world. You gave us something that we needed to know for our whole life and that is the knowledge of animals. Before we came to DAKTARI we didn’t know the dangers that can be caused by the dirty environment. We didn’t know the importance of keeping the environment clean but right now we know because you were out there to teach us and give us this knowledge.


One more thing we did not know it was about animals and we know nothing about animals and we was thinking that animals are not important to us, they are just useless earth’s creature but right now you guys helped us to see that they are useful and they need to be loved and protected just like us. Daktari is such a wonderful place with love, respect, peace and good care. We will never forget Daktari and we would like to visit Daktari again.


You taught us many good thing and we really appreciate them. God bless you for all of your life keep on going like this. We really need to come back to Daktari because we want to show you we learned a lot from you. Please we begging you because when we see the photos of Daktari we just remember how nice it was in there and its education.


Yours Sincerely,

Wesly, Percevierence and Gabriel”