Meet the team of the people that give their everything every single day to make DAKTARI the best it can be.
Our team consists of both paid local staff and international volunteers that devote 9 or more months of their life to our cause.


Ian and Michèle met at Tshukudu Lodge many years ago and fell in love. After getting married, they created DAKTARI in 2006. Michèle's favourite animal is a dassie and Ian's an elephant.

Camp maintenance Manager

Lucky is 38 years old and lives in Enable. His favourite animal is a elephant. His passion is to carve wooden animals.

Sales & Bookings Manager

Pretty is 29 years old and comes from Turkey Zone 1, South Africa. She has been at DAKTARI since November 2016 and her favourite animal is a porcupine.

Outreach Director

Camilla is 24 years and is the Outreach Director at DAKTARI. She makes sure that everything runs smoothly for our community outreach programs such as the Eco Club and Wildlife Crime Campaigns!

Animal care manager

Aurelie is from Belgium. She has been training for animal care for the last 5 years.
She takes great care and loves every animal at DAKTARI.

Volunteer Manager

Patience is 26 years old. She comes from Turkey zone 1 and has been working at DAKTARI since January. Her favourite animal is a meerkat.

Volunteer Coordinator

Lebo is 30 years old and comes from Turkey zone 1. She started working at DAKTARI in May 2019. Her favourite animal is a lion.

Outreach Manager

Rian is 31 years old and comes from The Netherlands. She helps Camilla on the outreach program, especially on the Eco Club. Her favorite animal is a giraffe.

Head cook

Senior is 48 years old and comes from Turkey zone 1. She has worked with Michèle and Ian since they had their restaurant and her favourite animal is an elephant.

Camp Maintenance

Thabo is 34 years old from Turkey village. Thabo knows the Merrifield’s since he was 14 years old. He is working at DAKTARI since January 2022. His favorite animal is the bushbaby.


Nakedi is 26 years old and lives in Turkey Zone 1. He started working at DAKTARI in May 2021, under the Yes4youth programme for 12 months. and his favourite animal is a cheetah.

Fundraising manager

Antoine Bergala is comming from the south of France. He likes rugby and his yellow crocs. His favorite animal is a squirel.

Marketing manager

Théo is a French guy who is passionate about traveling and drawing. He runs our social medias.