Bianca, a dedicated participant of the Eco-Club program at DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage, recently found herself in a predicament – missing her bus home due to her commitment or learning about environmental conservation.

The Eco-Club is a six-week program designed for Grade 9 students from three local high schools. Its curriculum covers geography, environmental education, and the region’s diverse flora and fauna. Despite the challenges of transportation, students like Bianca choose to stay after school twice a week to delve into these crucial topics.

Bianca’s determination to stay and learn stems from her belief in the importance of understanding environmental issues. “Transport doesn’t matter,” she emphasizes. “I want to learn more about what they teach us in Eco-Club because I know nothing.”

However, Eco-Club is not just about disseminating knowledge; it aims to empower students to address environmental challenges in their communities. By fostering critical thinking and leadership skills, participants become agents of change, tackling issues like littering, plastic pollution, and poaching.

At DAKTARI, our focus extends beyond education to instilling a sense of responsibility and action. The organization strives to inspire students like Bianca to recognize their role in shaping a sustainable future for South Africa. Bianca’s testimonial reflects this transformative impact: “I learned how to take care of our environment, my favorite lesson was about air pollution because in my village we are used to burning things, but now I know that is wrong.”

In an interview, Bianca acknowledges the personal growth spurred by her involvement in Eco-Club. “It changed me about how I used to bin things but now I don’t do it anymore. The Eco-Club is important,” she affirms.

Bianca’s story highlights the profound influence of environmental education programs like the Eco-Club. Through her dedication and newfound knowledge, she embodies the ethos of DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage, where students are not just learners but catalysts for positive change in their communities.

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DISCLAIMER! DAKTARI is a private reserve that educates local youth on the environment, conservation, and the importance of respecting wildlife. *WE DO NOT USE ANIMALS AT DAKTARI FOR EXPLOITIVE PURPOSES*