DongoAnimal Stories

Rest in Peace Dongo

Remember Dongo, the wild dog that was injured after being hit by a car? He was looked after for more than 20 years! Normally they live to about 7 years in the wild so, despite his permanent injury, he was well looked after! We are sad to tell you that he was put down to…

NyalouAnimal Stories

Nyalou gets his mobility back

Nyalou joined the DAKTARI Family in 2016 as an orphan, he had been left alone by his mom for two days in the bush. He was in desperate need for help and without any hesitation, Michele cared for him and bottle-fed him. With a lot of patience, dedication and love, Nyalou got healthy and strong.…

white stork daktari wildlife orphanageAnimal Stories


We are glad to share the following animal updates with you! DASSIES The four youngsters of the dassie family had grown significantly so we decided it was time to let them go! We released the family of 6 altogether at the end of June. We keep feeding them from time to time to help them…

Animal Stories

We said goodbye to our cheetah Martin

It is with a broken heart that we have to let you all know that our beloved cheetah Martin passed away peacefully on February 17th. Martin had not been feeling great in the past few days. He is old, around 20 years old, so we were monitoring very closely any sign of potential sickness. On…

Lily the duikerAnimal Stories

Farewell, Lily

The end of May was quite rough here at DAKTARI. Those of you who came to volunteer with us in the last couple of years will definitely know Lily. She’s a duiker that was raised here and then released on our reserve. Every few days she still came into the camp to get some birdseed.…

Pat & FriedaAnimal Stories

A happy ending for this little bush baby

Here at DAKTARI, we are always saving baby animals… some we find and some are brought to us. A few of the most common animals include; squirrels, bats, mongooses, bushbucks, klipspringers and bush babies. Bush babies are my personal favorite. Who wouldn’t love that little face with the big eyes? On March 13th, one of…

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