Sausage Tree game drive - group pictureChildren Stories

Taking our winners of the week on a game drive!

Sunday was an exciting day for our winners of the week from the past 8 weeks! They were invited by Sausage Tree Safari Camp to go on a game drive on their beautiful reserve. The children had an amazing experience as they saw rhino, elephants, hyena, zebra and many more incredible wildlife! And all of that because they…

Madu & ThelmaChildren Stories

Thelma can see again!

Last week our volunteers that Thelma, one of the children that stayed with us for the week, couldn’t see well. Volunteer Maria “Madu” jumped in right away to help her. Thelma wasn’t able to follow our environmental education program as easily as the other kids in her group as she couldn’t actually see properly. She…


Akani Mtini

This week we had a wonderful child stay with us called Akani. She is 13 years old and comes from Maahlamele School in the Oaks Village.   Akani was the only student in last weeks group to receive excellent feedback from the volunteers in all subjects during the week including English, Maths, Politeness & Respect and…


A letter from the children

Last week we received a beautiful letter from three children describing their experience at DAKTARI. It is always amazing receiving messages like this. Thank you Wesly, Percevierence and Gabriel for sending this to us! The text of the letter is written out below:   “To DAKTARI Owners and Volunteers, It is a great pleasure for…


Crashing the crêche

DAKTARI Outreach on the Road! As the students of the high schools were enjoying their well-deserved holidays, that meant no Eco Club for 3 weeks. However, this is not a reason for us to sit back! That is why we decided to visit Mmakadi Crèche in The Oaks village. Accompanied by a lot of volunteers…