Cécile Le Gal, Daktari Volunteer 05/10/2013 – 11/10/2013

I volunteered just for one week in Daktari which is really too short, but in one week it seems to me that I learned a lot.

First I learned about animals and how some people are able to love animals like human beings, or maybe more. I like animals, but  never before did I think how someone can respect and love all animals so much. It seems that animals give back this love to this kind of people. After one week I was still a little afraid by some of them, but i’m sure that if I had stayed little longer I wouldn’t be anymore…

I also really enjoyed the contact with these very shy but very enthusiastic animals, volunteers and children coming there to learn more about their country and the environment, i’m sure it’s gonna help them for the future.

Last thing I really enjoyed is the team of Daktari, very available, always someone to help or to talk if you have any question or needs…

I think I learned a lot about animals, about people and most of all about me, which is always good. My only regret: a too short stay! I will come back again, be sure  😉 !

A big thanks for all the Daktari Bush School team, and see you,