On the sunny Saturday of May 20th, DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage warmly welcomed a group of important guests from the surrounding community. Among them were Reaben Lewele, the esteemed chief of Oaks, Makoosha Shai, a valued cooperation partner, Peter Makwala, the principal of Maahlamele school and the respected headman of Finale Village Robert Matene and the chief of Bismark Johanes Mashilane. Each of them held important positions as principals, teachers, or chefs in the surrounding villages we work with. The purpose of their visit was to introduce them to DAKTARI, witness the array of animals at the camp, and establish stronger ties with our organization.

As the guests arrived at DAKTARI, they were greeted with enthusiasm by our team. The day started with a tour of the camp to meet all of our animal residents. The community members were able to see for themselves were the children sleep, eat and learn. One highlight of the day was the chance to witness lions up close—an inspiring experience for many of our guests who had never encountered these magnificent creatures before.

The visit was followed by a presentation, giving our visitors an overview of the valuable lessons we impart to the children who attend our programs. The presentation covered various topics such as wildlife conservation, environmental sustainability, and the importance of coexisting harmoniously with nature. It was an opportunity for us to share the vital knowledge we instill in the young minds that pass through DAKTARI’s doors.

Before the presentation, DAKTARI invited their guests to join them for a lunch. This provided an informal setting for open discussions, where we had the chance to delve deeper into our work and the challenges we face in the conservation field. It was also an occasion to exchange ideas and gain insights from our guests, who brought with them a wealth of experience and wisdom from their respective roles within the community.

The meeting proved to be a wonderful moment of collaboration, strengthening the bonds between DAKTARI and the communities. As an organization committed to the conservation of wildlife and the education of young individuals, it is essential for the NGO to establish and nurture these connections. By involving the community we aim to create a sense of shared responsibility and collective action towards protecting the natural resources that surround us.

DAKTARI is immensely grateful to Makoosha Shai, Peter Makwala, Shaai Kgothatso, Erens Shai, Caraan Mogakamela, Reaben Lewele, Robert Matene, and Johanes Mashilane for honoring us with their presence and for their dedication to the education and well-being of the local youth. Their visit not only provided them with valuable insights into our work but also allowed us to understand the needs and aspirations of the community more deeply.

Moving forward, DAKTARI remains committed to collaborating closely with our community partners, continuously expanding our outreach efforts, and empowering the younger generation with knowledge and skills that will shape a sustainable future. Together, we can work towards a world where humans and wildlife.