Hard at work here at Daktari

Over the past several months, the DAKTARI team works tirelessly on a safe and secure enclosure. At last, Daktari welcomes 12-year-old lion brothers to our camp. With the help of our network and wildlife vet, Dr. Peter Rogers, we have successfully relocated Duma and Telo to our reserve here at DAKTARI.

History of Duma and Telo

Duma and Telo were discovered as orphaned cubs in critical need of urgent care. Unable to survive in the wild alone, they were brought to Moholoholo Rehabilitation Centre to be raised and cared for by humans. This is often a difficult choice because predators reared in captivity lose their instinct and fear of humans, making it impossible for them to return to the wild. Unfortunately, only one in three captive-born carnivores survive back in the wild, with most deaths involving human activity.

Lion brother TeloArrival at DAKTARI

Since Duma and Telo’s arrival at DAKTARI, they have made themselves at home. They are both extremely happy to have a quiet place to live in peace. With DAKTARI being a private reserve, we are not open to outside visitors. We prioritize the welfare of the animals we have in our care, including our fellow lion brothers.

EducCo-Founder Michèle Merrifield educates students on lion brothersation for Impact

DAKTARI welcomes lion brothers Duma and Telo. We are so excited to share their story with our students and our local/global community. Their story has had a tremendous impact on our students, with most of them never seeing a lion until DAKTARI. DAKTARI’s teaching program empowers and educates local children. It encourages them to value their environment, respect wildlife, and create awareness of wildlife crime and illegal poaching issues. In addition, we want to emphasize how human activity and illegal poaching can displace wild animals which has detrimental impacts on the surrounding environment and local community.

We are always in need of short-term and long-term volunteers here at DAKTARI. Come check out these amazing opportunities to volunteer with us out in the African bush! DAKTARI appreciates your support!



DAKTARI is a private reserve that educates local youth on the environment, conservation, and the importance of respecting wildlife.