Looking for a way to discover DAKTARI, but not ready for your volunteer experience yet?

We are delighted to present you with an ideal solution tailored to your needs. Our esteemed partner, the Kamoka Bush Camp, conveniently situated within a short 5-minute walk from our NGO, offers a remarkable accommodation experience. Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of eco-friendly tiny houses, designed to harmonize with the natural surroundings. This exceptional setting allows you to relish the tranquility of the bush while maintaining an active involvement in our ongoing projects.

As part of your stay, we are pleased to include a responsible activity directly coordinated by our organization. This unique opportunity enables you to contribute directly to our initiatives while enjoying the amenities provided by the Kamoka Bush Camp.

Kamoka Bush Camp

More than just simple holidays, this is a real responsible experience!

Surrounded by the nature of our beautiful reserve this is a time for you to relax and immerse yourself in the bush. The units are fully equipped with a kitchen area, a braai, en-suite bathroom and terrace.

This new concept of integrating a lodge with an NGO is unparalleled

While it’s not unusual for lodges to support NGOs, it is uncommon for visitors to have the opportunity to actively partake in or observe the direct outcomes of the supported initiatives. Through our new strategy, guests at Kamoka Camp have the chance to actively engage in community development projects, conservation initiatives, and activities focused on safeguarding wildlife.

Tiny House Kamoka Bush Camp

Kamoka Camp was initiated by Camilla, our previous Outreach Manager in 2019

She fell in love with South Africa and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. That is when the idea of a partnership between her initiative and DAKTARI arose. Camilla’s passion for South Africa, coupled with her close relationship with our founders have led to a truly unique collaboration and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

As DAKTARI is only open to sponsors and volunteers the Kamoka Bush Camp offers a unique and new opportunity to discover the NGO from the inside.

Contact Camilla at info@kamokabushcamp.com