Emily Grohs, Daktari volunteer 01/06/2013 – 26/07/2013
Hi Michele!

I miss everyone (animals and people, of course) at Daktari very much! I look back through my pictures and check for new updates on Facebook every single day. Being back in the US and back at school is surreal… not a moment goes by when I do not miss the Daktari family and my time spent with you all in Hoedspruit. I really do hope to return one day to volunteer again! I cannot even begin to explain how perfectly Daktari suited me. The combination of teaching kids, caring for animals, and working with amazing friends was beyond perfect. I see posts from Amy and Louise and Aby on facebook pretty often– they seem to be having an amazing time, as always! How is everything else? How are you and Ian and the other volunteers? And, of course, how are King Kong and his new lady doing? I miss him so much :))

But even before I can come back to visit or volunteer again I want to be doing something to help. I know there are a lot of animals (my babies! how I miss them all!) without sponsors. In the future I hope to be able to sponsor several animals each month, but for now I would like to start out with one 🙂 I would really love to be Nikita’s sponsor, if you haven’t found anyone for her yet. She was one of the animals I felt particularly close to, and also after the accident with her tail I have been endlessly worried about her health and care! Can I be her sponsor, please? I would just love to know that I am there for her each month, even while I am so far away!

Thank you, and please let me know! If someone else has already snatched up her sponsorship I would be happy to help with another animal! I am also not sure how the money transfers/donations work, so I will need instruction for that bit.