DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage, located in the heart of South Africa, is dedicated to fostering education and conservation. Every week, DAKTARI selects the best student who has demonstrated exceptional effort, active participation, and good behavior. Those students are rewarded with a tree to plant in their village and an unforgettable game drive experience in a local reserve.

On July 1, 2023, nine winners from Maahlamele and Diphuti local schools had the privilege of visiting the Sausage Tree Game Reserve for a special game drive. Accompanied by experienced guides, the students immersed themselves in the natural beauty of their country and encountered a wide array of wildlife. The students explored the reserve, spotting giraffes, elephants, waterbucks, hippos, crocodiles, and more.

Beyond the thrilling encounters with wildlife, the game drive served as an educational experience, emphasizing the importance of conservation in preserving these magnificent creatures and their habitats. The students gained valuable insights into the delicate balance of nature and the crucial role they play in protecting the environment for future generations.

DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage aims to empower young individuals to become passionate ambassadors for wildlife conservation. By combining education, hands-on experiences, and recognition for their efforts, DAKTARI cultivates a generation that values and protects the natural wonders of the planet.

The special game drive to Sausage Tree Game Reserve was not only a memorable experience for the nine winners but also a testament to the transformative power of education and the significance of fostering a love for nature. It is hoped that these exceptional students will continue to carry the lessons learned and inspire others to join their cause.

DAKTARI will continue to celebrate and reward exceptional students, providing them with opportunities to explore and appreciate the wonders of their own backyard. Together, DAKTARI and these bright young minds can pave the way for a brighter and more sustainable future, where both humans and wildlife thrive in harmony.

A big thanks to the Sausage Tree Game Reserve for welcoming our students and providing them with an incredible game drive experience!