Saying Goodbye to our Little Boy

Yesterday was a painful blow for the whole DAKTARI family, as we lost one of our iconic personalities. Our very pregnant Dassie Little Boy breathed her last in our office. She went into labor around 5 pm next to all of us working in the office. She settled in a spot underneath some of the desks. We do not know for sure what caused her death, but we suspect she might have succumbed to labor. This morning, we buried her with our other beloved animals who have passed on. Hopefully, she may rest peacefully, surrounded by fellow friends.
We are all very sad about her passing, however, this is a reminder that we must enjoy and love our animals as much as we can when they are alive. We must acknowledge to them that they are important to us and are part of our daily happiness.
As you might be aware, Michèle has a very unique bond with her dassies, and Little Boy trusted her more than anyone. In some of her previous pregnancies, she would allow Michèle to come close to her babies when she wouldn’t let anyone else. The other dassies in camp must have felt the general pain that floated in the air, and even though he NEVER behaved in such a way, Baba was found perched on our animal manager Kyle’s shoulder this morning trying to comfort him the best he could.

We will remember her always.💫


Little Boy Little Boy Little Boy