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Participating in volunteer work with DAKTARI is a distinctive chance for young individuals to break free from their comfort zone, acquire fresh abilities, and immerse themselves in diverse cultures. They not only make a beneficial worldwide contribution but also develop personally and gain occupational competencies that can enhance their job opportunities or academic progress in college or university. For numerous volunteers, DAKTARI marks their first overseas experience without the accompaniment of a parent, colleague, or friend.


“My son has recently been a volunteer in DAKTARI and I can see the growth in him from his experience, beautiful to see.”
DAKTARI Alumni parent,
DAKTARI helped me to get confidence and to choose what I wan’t to do with my life
DAKTARI Alumini Volunteer,


DAKTARI empowers young adults to navigate the transformative stage of entering adulthood by gaining independence and new experiences. Equipped with knowledge, skills, and networks, they can lead the charge in creating a better, more sustainable world. Through teamwork, they’ll continue to inspire positive change long after their journey concludes. We recognize that young people possess the energy, passion, and ability to drive sustainable impact.



Volunteers engaging with DAKTARI will interact and cooperate with individuals from all over the globe, including South African volunteers. We closely collaborate with members of the local community, providing volunteers with a chance to experience different cultures and lifestyles by being fully immersed in the local communities. DAKTARI is committed to partnering with children and communities to generate a sustainable and impactful difference. Our volunteer projects are developed in close coordination with local communities, ensuring ethical, responsible, and culturally relevant initiatives. We aim to instill a sense of purpose and inspiration among young volunteers that will drive them to continue making a positive impact beyond the completion of their Expedition.


DAKTARI is a highly regarded volunteering program that provides invaluable skills to enhance any CV. Through this experience, young individuals build mental resilience, endurance, planning, teamwork, and leadership abilities, acquiring new knowledge and perspectives along the way.

Not only do volunteers experience personal growth, but they also contribute to a positive global impact. They have the opportunity to collaborate and socialize with individuals from diverse backgrounds, forming lifelong connections.


DAKTARI offers a thrilling and enjoyable experience that enables volunteers to break out of their comfort zones, acquiring vital skills and insights that will help them take a leading role in creating a more sustainable world for everyone. Volunteers will work alongside individuals from all over the world, including local, and have the opportunity to interact with fascinating animals like lions, cheetahs, and mongooses, as well as enjoy the stunning wildlife of South Africa.

Do I need a travel assurance ?2023-04-27T10:03:30+02:00

It is compulsory to subscribe to an international travel/medical insurance. We will ask for a copy of your insurance policy with their 24h/7 days contact details before your arrival at DAKTARI.

What clothes should I bring ?2023-04-27T09:29:55+02:00

You should pack for generally warm weather so you will need a hat, sunglasses, and high factor sun lotion. You should also bring a warm fleece jacket, because it can get very cold at night. You will be working with animals or building camps, so please do not bring your best clothes!

How do I keep in touch with home? Can I use the Internet?2023-04-27T10:03:54+02:00

We have free Wi-Fi available at the campsite.

Is it possible to have a special food diet ?2023-04-27T10:04:14+02:00

You might choose not to eat some types of foods for different reasons. The reasons may be to do with religion, culture, where you live in the world, beliefs about what is food – and sometimes you cannot eat some foods because they make you sick. DAKTARI will cater for you if you are vegetarian or vegan, but please understand that gluten free and organic products are very expensive and difficult to source locally. We would strongly advise you to provide and/or bring any food replacement needed for any intolerance or allergy you may have.

How does a day look like ?2023-04-27T09:30:54+02:00

At DAKTARI, the day starts with a dog walk and breakfast followed by animal-related jobs done by volunteers and rotating children. Lessons are led by volunteers before and after lunch, with 1-to-1 sessions to assist children with difficult subjects. The afternoon includes feeding the animals, swimming, and more lessons. Social talks addressing common issues and dinner follow, with educational games before bed. Despite the long days, volunteering at DAKTARI is rewarding and impactful for less privileged children.

What will I be doing at DAKTARI ?2023-04-27T09:31:15+02:00

You will be teaching local children because we believe that education is the only way to a better future, and therefore we have developed an educational program with special focus on the environment and wildlife. We have included lessons in life skills about relationships, substance abuse, safe sex, violence and respecting your environment. We also care for animals that are hurt, orphaned or too tame to be rehabilitated into the wild. We provide them with good facilities, care and love. They also serve as a great education medium for the children who assist in the daily care, cleaning and feeding of these anima

Can I be picked up at the airport ?2023-04-27T10:04:50+02:00

All arrivals and departures at DAKTARI are on a Saturday. We will pick you up at the Hoedspruit airport or in Hoedspruit town if it’s more convenient for you.

Is it safe ?2023-04-27T10:05:15+02:00

South Africa does not have the reputation of being very safe, like many other countries in the world. However, DAKTARI is out in the bush and far from other people. It takes one hour to drive to Hoedspruit, and it is a very safe destination.

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