“My name is Léna, I am 20 years old, I come from France and I stayed 3 weeks at DAKTARI.

I always wanted to do volunteering and I decided in November 2017 that it would be this year ! So I did a huge amount of research on the internet about volunteering, others volunteer’s experiences, organisations all around the world… DAKTARI was the perfect one because it mixes children and animals : all of which I love. So I booked everything and I arrived in August for 3 weeks of volunteering at DAKTARI.

My stay in DAKTARI was one of the best experiences in my life. These 3 weeks were amazing. I met fabulous people, I have seen and taken care of many animals, I have taught many things on many topics to children…
Also you can do lots of excursions and Daktari books everything, you just have to tell them which excursion you want to do and they take care of it for you. So I have done a horseback riding safari (amazing!), I have spent two days in the Kruger Park and I have walked in the Blyde River canyon.

Life in DAKTARI is very special. It’s like a big family. The days are never the same. You learn more and more about South Africa, about animals and about these incredible children each new day. Everything is so interesting and exciting. Indeed, it’s never boring, each day is different : each new day you have different lessons to teach, you do different animal stabling, you play a different game with the children …

I think it’s something you have to do in your life and that will change you for ever.

Thanks for everything Daktari, these three weeks were absolutely unbelievable.”