Last month, we welcomed Luna, a blind Southern African hedgehog from the Gauteng area. She was found with her baby. As she was blind, she could not be rehabilitated contrary to her baby who was old enough to live on its own. The separation must have been hard for her but we gave her another chance at living by feeding her and letting her live with other animals. She lived with our baby squirrel and with a baby scrub hare. We have renamed this enclosure: the cute 3! 

When we come into the enclosure to feed the baby scrub hare in the morning, Luna always comes to greet us and the baby squirrel, Ozette, is on our shoulder. 

We feed her with hedgehog food but her real little indulgence is the little worms we give her when we see her come out of her house. She eats around one third of her body weight every night!!

She is a nocturnal animal so she roams around her enclosure at night mapping the ground so she does not walk into rocks, her house or even the fence.


Pedro was found in Hoedspruit with 3 of his siblings. 2 ran back to the wilderness and 1 died before we could go and get them. We will look after him for a few weeks before releasing him in the bush.

He was voted the softest animal in DAKTARI. This little guy jumps around at night and buries himself in his nest during the day. Of course he always wakes up in a good mood to eat the Pro Nutro that we give him every 4 hours by syringe.

Do you know the difference between a rabbit and a scrub hare? The rabbit is more active in the morning and tends to live in a group, whereas the hare is a nocturnal animal that prefers to be alone.

Furthermore, hares can reach speeds of up to 80km/h! While rabbits can only run at 40km/h.