This trip will remain forever engraved in my memory and my heart, because South Africa is such a wonderful country in every way, and you’ve shown it to us in the most wonderful way! Having local employees allows volunteers to be in contact with the population, and thus to discover their good and bad sides…

Then there’s the scenery: DAKTARI is set between mountains, bush and more tropical spots thanks to the nearby rivers. DAKTARI, crazy DAKTARI, lives up to my expectations, not only thanks to the school and orphanage, but also thanks to you, Ian and Michèle, who are wonderful people. You don’t hesitate to open your arms wide so that we can discover your paradise! From your humor to your experience to your generosity, everything is to be taken and used as a life lesson. Don’t change, you’re making this South African experience even more moving than it already is!

I wish you all the best for the future, and please don’t stop making life better for the young locals, the animals and the volunteers! I hope this wasn’t a farewell, and that we’ll have the chance to meet up again.

Maxime Fradin alias Rafiki