Nature Culture experience DAKTARI


This program is designed for wildlife lovers who want to learn more about the South African bush and local traditions. You will experience all that DAKTARI has to offer, right in the middle of the bush, surrounded by many different animals and amazing people!

What makes our program unique?

  • Learn about the bush, the environment and the wildlife.
  • Discover the Sepedi culture and traditions with fun hands-on activities.
  • Care for orphaned or injured animals in our wildlife orphanage
  • Get involved with the local communities and teach the children about the environment at the schools.
  • Explore South Africa and go on excursions in the Kruger National Park or Blyde River Canyon


Take advantage of being in the middle of the bush to learn more about your environment and wildlife!

We will deliver practical activities around the following topics: trees, birds, animal tracks, mammals, insects, reptiles and how they interconnect in the ecosystem.

The course will be delivered by our qualified Director, Ian Merrifield, who is also the former Head Ranger of Tshukudu Game Lodge.

This is open to everyone, whether you know very little about the bush or would like to further your knowledge!

Culture immersion


We offer a unique opportunity to discover and learn more about the local culture and South African traditions.

You will learn about the local customs and beliefs, language and traditional food. Our devoted staff will make you discover the hidden secrets of the Sepedi culture, by making you dance to their favourite song around a bonfire or cook delicious food.

This is a chance to better understand the cultural richness of South Africa.


People from the local community have to play a critical role in the overall protection of its wildlife.

Through our Community Outreach Program, you will have the opportunity to teach underprivileged children from nearby villages around DAKTARI.

You will also visit one village, visit the schools and eat at a local restaurant.

community work
Excursions DAKTARI time off


We understand you also want to explore South Africa outside the gates of DAKTARI!

This is why this program includes the following excursions:

  • Kruger National Park – Day trip
  • Blyde River Canyon – Day trip
  • Reptile Center – Half Day trip

You will go home with many memories and stories to share about South Africa!