Jeanne LazarevicReviews

Jeanne Lazarevic

Jeanne Lazarevic, Daktari Volunteer 09/03/2013 – 22/03/2013 Daktari! What marvelous souvenirs! There is no crossed eyed lion like on TV at the time of my childhood, but Daktari is an unforgettable experience. Daktari was my first volunteer trip, in March 2013. Michèle, Ian and their team have welcomed me warmly and I immediately felt very…


Gemma Annan

Gemma Annan, GVI intern volunteer 06/05/2011 – 17/06/2011 I volunteered at Daktari for 6 weeks in 2011 and I absolutely fell in love with the project and the people that run it. I was in South Africa for a total of 9 months on that trip and my 6 weeks at Daktari hold some of…

Gillian KenneallyReviews

Gillian Kenneally

Gillian Kenneally, Daktari Volunteer, repeat visitor! Well, I so enjoyed my time at Daktari that I came again and again and again…looking after animals “amazing”, teaching the children “challenging” and the scenery “magnificent” – add to this, a friendly and peaceful environment. In short a wonderful volunteering experience – you’ll love it! Gillie

Katrien VermeulenReviews

Katrien Vermeulen

Katrien Vermeulen, Daktari volunteer 15/09/2012 – 27/09/2013 What can I say about Daktari? It will be very difficult to keep it short for me, but will start to say that it was absolutely amazing!! My name is Katrien Vermeulen from Belgium and I stayed at Daktari for exactly 1 year. I fell in love with…

Sinclair SmithReviews

Sinclair Smith

Sinclair Smith, Daktari volunteer 30/04/2011 – 27/05/2011 I spent 2011’s month of May at Daktari. Wild life, Humanity, Adventure. Imagine. After landing in one of South Africa’s main airports, you take another plane (believe it or not this one is a propeller aircraft). You can feel every little vibration and mini-turbulence , if you are…

Emily GrohsReviews

Emily Grohs

Emily Grohs, Daktari volunteer 01/06/2013 – 26/07/2013 Hi Michele! I miss everyone (animals and people, of course) at Daktari very much! I look back through my pictures and check for new updates on Facebook every single day. Being back in the US and back at school is surreal… not a moment goes by when I…

Janet HickeyReviews

Janet Hickey

Janet Hickey, Daktari volunteer 03/08/2013 – 23/08/2013 Dear Michelle and Ian, I just wanted to write a few words to thank you so much for the wonderful experience I had at Daktari recently. I have been home a week now and I have had time to reflect on my visit to your wonderful home. And…