Nyalou the Nyala

Nyalou the Nyala joined the DAKTARI Family in 2016 as an orphan. He was abandoned by his mom for two days in the bush and was in desperate need of help. Without any hesitation, Michele cared for him and bottle-fed him. With a lot of patience, dedication, and love, Nyalou became healthy and strong. He now roams wild and free on our reserve at DAKTARI. All our volunteers and visitors get the chance to see this magnificent animal up close. He makes DAKTARI very special.

A few weeks ago we discovered that our beloved Nyalou was limping. We found swelling in his front leg which made it difficult for him to walk freely around the farm.

It was crucial to act quickly as he needed medical attention. Our team reached out to potential donors to help contribute toward his medical treatment. The campaign was a success. In three days we raised enough for Dr. Rogers from Provet in Hoedspruit to come and treat him. Dr. Rogers found that a thorn got in between his hooves, probably a sickle bush thorn.

In the afternoon, Dr. Rogers came to dart him so he could treat the wounds. Dr. Rogers gave Nyalou various medicines to help combat the infection. In, addition, he gave him flea treatment. Nyalou is doing fine and is walking around the farm happy and pain-free.