Discover exceptional online learning opportunities through our partner, The Expedition Project. Immerse yourself in the conservation industry through a growing collection of mini-courses. These courses offer direct access to the knowledge of wildlife vets, ecologists, marine biologists, researchers and game reserves!

Each subject is carefully packaged into individual modules, making learning both affordable and flexible. You have the freedom to personalise your learning programme by combining different modules according to your interests.

What’s more, supporting your quest for knowledge is now more cost-effective than ever. With The Expedition Project, you can purchase each course individually or opt for a membership that offers you exclusive discounts and additional benefits. A portion of the funds generated by these online courses is generously donated to our association, using the code DAKTARI15 in the form of a donation. In this way, every step you take to enrich your own knowledge also contributes to preserving our environment and protecting animals. Join us in this educational and engaging adventure for a more sustainable future for all!

Why you should follow these courses

By enrolling on these courses, you will have the opportunity to learn more about crucial and topical subjects such as biomimicry, coastal and wildlife conservation, ecology, endangered species, wildlife veterinary science, marine biology and a host of other in-depth topics, all taught by scientists, researchers, veterinarians and other professionals.

As well as enriching your knowledge, you are actively contributing to solving these problems by directly supporting DAKTARI Bush School. As well as being an educational institution for children, our main mission is to save wild animals from certain peril. Our initiative thrives largely thanks to the monthly contributions of many people. Don’t wait any longer, take part in our exciting courses and help us make DAKTARI a success!

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