by Emilio Zeballos on DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage
3 weeks at DAKTARI!
Age: 18
Country: Panama

Coming to volunteer at DAKTARI Bush School was an experience close to perfection. Without a doubt it was way better than expected and I would recommend this place to everyone. Since the moment I arrived, I was welcomed by everyone in the best way possible. During these three weeks, they made me feel part of a big family between the volunteers and the staff. From each person that you get to know from here, you will take new memories and create unique moments. Doing the teaching program is pretty easy as there is a guide extremely clear that explains everything that you have to do during each lesson. It feels really good to teach the kids from the community as you know you are making an impact in their lives as they learn about animals, environment, crime, drugs, alcohol, etc. Furthermore, specially for me, working with animals was something extremely new but I can say, although I'm very afraid of them, you get used to work in stabling every day and even you can start to like them. I had the opportunity to see cheetahs, ostrichs, owls, and many other animals, all days as something normal, and even sometimes you will see jiraffes near the campus. Also, we went on an excursion with other volunteers thats was awesome, and we got to see four animals out of the Big 5, and the remaining one, I saw it in one of our trips to town. On the other hand, food and accommodation was really good and overpassed my expectations, you will have something different to eat in every meal and in every day of the week, and absolutely everything is delicious. Overall, I can say I will always remember my time here at DAKTARI and I will take friendships that will remain for a long time.

Incredible Experience
Age: 20
Country: France

I stayed at Daktari for 2 months and had an amazing time there.

I have been welcomed and treated as a part of the family and I have met so many incredible people. I really enjoyed working with children and animals, I learned so much. It was the best experience of my life and I will never forget all the memories I have created during my stay.

Thank you for everything.

Life lesson
Age: 19
Country: France

What I can retain from these 2 months spent at DAKTARI, is that it was a real-life lesson. The 3 weeks that we spent with the children were pretty intense and
exhausting, however, the kids were so joyful, voluntaries, well-intentioned, ambitious, and willing to
learn. I did not expect to connect with them and create bonds that easily.
It is such a chance as a kid to go to DAKTARI because this kind of experience can be revealing, can make people aware of the importance of
their environment and the precious wildlife, etc.

I would like to thank all the people that I met there, the directors, the other volunteers, and the
staff persons, for being so welcoming and friendly with me. We had the opportunity to get to know each
other pretty well during these 2 months, and I wish I could see them again one day.

Life-Changing experience
Age: 21
Country: France

I really loved my stay here in DAKTARI, the 2 months passed so quickly and learned so much things about the life in community, teaching, the local culture and also on myself. The people I met here and with who I worked everyday are amazing, I really felt like part of the family. It was one of the best experience of my life, and I will never forget it.
Thank you for everything.

 by Capitaine Laetitia on DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage
Age: 23
Country: France

I had the chance to be in DAKTARI as volunteer, I learned a lot of things and the staff are so friendly. The cooks were really good, thank you so much for the vegetarian meal and for the breakfast. I will never forget my experience here.
Thank you DAKTARI

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