Pénélope and Claude came to DAKTARI with an amazing attitude and the willingness to make the best of their stay! Leaving their families in France, these two ladies set out on an adventure where they fit right in and actively took part in all activities with an unmatched enthusiasm and energy. Their sole worry before coming to DAKTARI was their level of English, but like with the rest of challenges they faced throughout their stay, it soon became evident that it was nothing to worry about!

They wrote a short text to sum up their experience:

We spent two weeks at DAKTARI to realise our childhood dream. What a great moment to be immersed in the bush and share the daily life with children and animals!! There is a great ambience like in a ‘big family’!! We really loved our stay, and we recommend it to everybody…

The “French Ladies”,

Claude & Pénélope

Honestly a real pleasure to have these awesome ladies stay with us! Thank you for everything Mademoiselles!