Pretty, 31, lives in Turkey Zone 1, South Africa. She discovered DAKTARI at secondary school because her school, Rakgorokwana, regularly sent pupils there. Pretty dreamed of going to DAKTARI with her school, but at that time it was always the same children who went.

At the end of her studies, Pretty found herself unemployed at home.

Patience, a childhood friend, was due to work at DAKTARI in 2016 as a volunteer coordinator, but she wanted to continue her studies, so she had to cancel her contract with DAKTARI and resign. Michèle asked Patience if she knew anyone she could trust for the job, and Patience immediately thought of Pretty. Her interview impressed Michele who liked her personality and devotion to DAKTARI, which led to her being hired as Volunteer Coordinator in November 2016. Later, in 2018, Patience returned and became Pretty’s assistant for a while. In August of that same year, Pretty became office assistant, and then got the job of booking and sales manager in November. It’s a position that suits her perfectly as she loves being the first to connect with volunteers!

Thanks to DAKTARI, Pretty has forged international friendships, in particular a strong bond with a German woman from 2018. A few years later, in March 2022, her friend returned to South Africa especially to see her! Together, they went to Cape Town for the first time and her friend even spent the weekend with Pretty’s family in the village.

Pretty had always wanted to travel, and during discussions with her friend, the idea of experiencing a European Christmas piqued her interest. Pretty then started the process of obtaining her passport and visa, which she got in less than 2 weeks! It was a sign! She then took her first international flight, not without some stress, to Germany on 20 December 2022.

Fun Fact : She had a dream a few days earlier in which she saw her plane crash! That’s how extra she is.

When she arrived in Frankfurt, her friend and mother were waiting impatiently for her. On the way to their flat, Pretty was waiting for just one thing: to see snow! Unfortunately for her, it had snowed the week before, so when she got to the flat she couldn’t see one last little piece of snow on the ground. But she took a photo of it anyway!

In Frankfurt, Pretty immersed herself in the magic of a Christmas market while sipping hot wine, Gluhwein. Her excitement only increased when she tried ice skating for the first time with other volunteers she had met at DAKTARI!

The laughter and camaraderie gave the impression of a reunited family. In the midst of the fun, her friend’s mother gave her a special present: tickets for the musical “CATS”, a gift that Pretty was delighted to receive.

The festive spirit grew as they decorated the flat for Christmas. On Christmas Day, Pretty had her first fondue, and she loved it! She didn’t think she could eat anything without meat, but her tastes have changed completely since then! Her friend’s mum had prepared alcohol-infused biscuits, which they distributed around the house.

Unfortunately, Pretty contracted COVID-19 just after Christmas, and being very tired, she had to stay indoors. She wasn’t able to get up to the mountains as planned to see the snow she had so much hoped to admire. Fortunately, on the 31st, Pretty and her friend were tested negative, and together with other volunteers, they went shopping and ushered in the New Year by a lake. Fireworks lit up the sky, making the evening even more magical!

The departure from Germany was bittersweet. The experience was so rich and exceptional that Michèle was worried that Pretty wouldn’t be coming back to DAKTARI! Nevertheless, on 2 January, Pretty returned to South Africa, her heart full of memories of a European Christmas, traditions, food and lively parties.

Attached to DAKTARI, Pretty has found a place where she feels at home, a place where she has always aspired to work. A cherished member of the DAKTARI family, Pretty is like a daughter to Ian and Michèle, her personality and smile appreciated by all.

Pretty aspires to travel more and next time, finger crossed, she hopes to see snow!

Without DAKTARI, all these encounters and this experience would not have been possible, and Pretty enjoys working on it every day, as she has no intention of leaving us!