Cassius’s Success Story

A few months ago, a young student named Cassius contacted us. He was studying at the University of South Africa, completing his degree in Animal Welfare. Cassius reached out to us via email because he needed to complete a practical in animal care to complete his qualification. All doors were closed to him and he was so desperate…

With Michèle being a French citizen, she remembered how South Africa had welcomed her with open arms 20 years back. She decided to give back and accept Cassius for his 6-week practical. He showed himself to be dedicated to his work, flexible and cooperative. He adapted very well and was so quick to our projects in the bush lifestyle.

SPCA Work Opportunity

After his time at DAKTARI, he still needed additional experience. We did not want to let him down and we recommended him to an SPCA for an internship. During the COVID-19 lockdown, it was very difficult to convince anybody to take in an intern. However, we managed to get a 3-day work practical for him. We followed up with him to find out that after his 3 days the SPCA asked him to stay for another two weeks!!!

We are very proud to have helped facilitate these opportunities for Cassius.

Please see below his lovely message he sent us after he left :

“Good evening Michele, I hope this email finds you well. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me, after all the rejection from the vets to do my practicals I almost gave up. DAKTARI was my last option and it came through for me. It’s because of you that I was able to learn all the things I’ve learned, I even made friends with people from France.
That’s a big deal for me. Before I came to DAKTARI I used to think I had everything all planned out until I met you, the talk you gave me have made me realize that whatever field I take in the the animal industry I must choose to protect animals instead of harming them all in the name of making money and being rich.

There’s a lot I can thank you for, I’ve learned a lot from you, you are my role model.”

This is how DAKTARI uses your donations and volunteer fees. We are so honored to have had the opportunity to make an impact on Cassius.

Without YOUR support, we would not be able to do this!