Maake’s Story

Maake Matlou, a 21-year-old former DAKTARI student we had in 2016, for our environmental education program. This post is about one of DAKTARI’s many success stories. In 2020 as Covid-19 hit the world, we were busy with a project of distributing food parcels to the people who need it the most in our local communities. As posts were posted on our social media platforms. Maake saw one of our posts on Facebook and decided to contact us as he needed food parcels. We then made a plan to meet with him to give him the food he asked for. In the process of assisting him with food, we discovered that his family background is not good, as he stays with his sister and her 3 children, and they couldn’t afford basic needs since they have no means of income as a family.

DAKTARI decided to welcome Maake so we could see how we would assist him as he seemed like a motivated young man who needed guidance. Staying close to him helped us to discover that he doesn’t have an ID book and with the help of Social development, we managed to assist him to apply for an ID book in December 2020. In addition, he could also open a bank account. Maake is currently at DAKTARI volunteering and we have been helping him with stipends so that he can be able to buy food and cosmetics.

We are now happy as he managed to collect his ID book in February 2021. He is now happy and proud to be a South African youth as he will also be able to take part in voting because he has an ID book.

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