Saturday March 9th was a big day for Eva Diesel and her brother Steven. The duo came all the way from Corsica a few months ago for their Inside Oaks Project. 

The Inside Oaks Project is a part of street artist JR’s big Inside Out Project. For this instalment of the global art project 72 portraits were taken. These portraits included some of our volunteers, staff and local people from the Oaks Village. The objective of the art exhibition is to teach children about the importance of the environment.

Installing 2

DAKTARI helped to hang all of the portraits on the big market place in the Oaks and afterwards children from the local schools entertained us with song and dance. Those who were hungry were able to enjoy some delicious boerewors.


The end result is absolutely stunning and we hope mother nature is on our side so the pictures can stay in place for a long time!

Do you want to know more about the Inside Out Project? Then you can do so by clicking here.