“DAKTARI is a blessing to my life”

Candice, a 22-year-old young woman hailing from the village of OAKS, embarked on an extraordinary journey with DAKTARI in December 2014, while she was still a seventh-grade student. Little did she know that this experience would be the starting point for a series of unforgettable adventures.

In 2015, Candice decided to return to DAKTARI because her first visit had been simply remarkable. By that time, she had already entered the eighth grade, and her desire to reconnect with the wonderful volunteers she had met during her initial visit was unwavering. She found them incredibly kind, and their presence had left a lasting impression on her. In fact, they had inspired her to dream beyond her wildest expectations.

Candice aspired to explore their home countries in Europe, even playfully promising to visit them in return. Her dream of heading to Europe became a reality in June 2022 when she flew to the Netherlands to work as an au pair for a year.

Candice was warmly welcomed into an Italian family in the Netherlands, where she became a full-fledged member of their lives, forming a particularly close bond with their young boy. The entire experience was significantly facilitated by her connection to DAKTARI and the relationships she had forged with European volunteers.

The culture shock was profound, but she embraced it with open arms. It provided her with the opportunity to grow as a person in ways she had never imagined. She noted that it was very different from what she knew as a person from a developing country.

The support of Ian and Michèle was crucial to her, as even from thousands of miles away, they continued to care for her, giving her the feeling of having a second family eagerly awaiting her return and looking out for her. DAKTARI, in her own words, helped her in her personal growth and expanded her horizons.

Candice admitted that, as a child, she hadn’t initially dreamt of traveling the world. However, her passion for exploration blossomed as she met people from all corners of the globe through DAKTARI. DAKTARI helped her to elevate herself as a human being and open her mind, and today, she possesses a strong personality and confidence due to her experiences at DAKTARI.

Candice plans to renew her au pair experience in Belgium and then pursue studies in psychology in South Africa. She is preparing a bright future for herself, filled with enriching experiences and travel!

Candice will always be a part of the DAKTARI’s family, we will always make her feel at home.