Last week our volunteers that Thelma, one of the children that stayed with us for the week, couldn’t see well. Volunteer Maria “Madu” jumped in right away to help her.

Thelma wasn’t able to follow our environmental education program as easily as the other kids in her group as she couldn’t actually see properly. She had trouble keeping up with the rest of the group although she tried really hard. So volunteer Madu took matters into her own hands and booked an appointment with an optometrist in Hoedspruit.

The problem with Thelma’s eyes seemed bigger than expected and she needed bifocal glasses in order to see again. Madu didn’t let that stop her and paid for the consultation ánd Thelma’s brand new pair of glasses all by herself.

We are (as Thelma said) “100% happy” that we have volunteers here that care so much about the children. This was a really selfless act of kindness on Madu’s part and we are so proud of her. Thank you Madu for making a real difference in Thelma’s life!