Remember Dongo, the wild dog that was injured after being hit by a car?
He was looked after for more than 20 years! Normally they live to about 7 years in the wild so, despite his permanent injury, he was well looked after!
We are sad to tell you that he was put down to his eternal rest. This was after we discovered that he was suffering from a tumor that couldn’t be treated. He had been darted every year by the local vet who stated he was too old for this, and we must just take care of him. He couldn’t walk properly and seemed very weak. Being old also made it difficult and added to his pain.
When Michele visited him, she noticed he appeared to be very disoriented. She also had that deep emotional feeling that he needed to be euthanized. To end this suffering, we had to make the difficult decision of putting him to sleep. He is buried in our cemetery and may his soul rest in peace. #RIP