Discover the Wildlife Vet Online courses! On The Expedition Project

As a Wildlife Orphanage, we are the forever home of many injured or orphaned animals that require special attention and care.

Although Ian and Michele have many years of experience in looking after wild animals, we also need a qualified vet that can help us with specific matters.

This is why we are proud to work with Dr Peter Rogers, from ProVet Wildlife Services in Hoedspruit! Dr Rogers has always been support DAKTARI and has always been willing to drive all the way to us to check on our animals whenever we needed him.

Dr Peter Rogers has recently launched some brilliant online courses, called the Wildlife Vet Online Series. This course is ideal for veterinary students as well as other biosciences like ecology, zoology and wildlife conservation.

The Wildlife Vet Online can be found on The Expedition Project,  which connects inspiring, sustainable projects and individuals with each other and with the resources they need, and it shares their stories with the world. Check out all their volunteer projects all across South Africa!

Courses in the Wildlife Vet Online category include the animals – Cheetah, Elephant, Lion, Pangolin, Rhino and Wild Dog.

The topics include – Animal Behaviour; Animal Identification and Tracking Techniques; Anti-Poaching; Antibiotics and Supportive Medication; Capture Equipment and Methods; Conservation and Wildlife Education in the Community… and much more!